Monday, May 20, 2019
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Batteford's & Area Sexual Assualt Centre Inc


Batteford's & Area Sexual Assualt Centre Inc

1211 98th St
North Battleford
S9A 0L8

Phone: 445-0055
Fax: 445-2727


We are a non-profit, charitable organization developed to serve the needs of individuals, families or anyone who has been affected by Sexual Assault. We are also devoted to preventing future sexual assaults through public awareness and education.

Services - Our services are free and confidential to all who have been affected by sexual assault, past or present, male of female, adult or child. This includes: child molesting, incest, sexual harassment, date rape and all other sexual offences. Clients are provided with counselling, information and education.

Funding - We obtain funding through private donations, service club support, fundraising, and various levels of government.
Our 24 hour crisis line is: 446-4444

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